Aluminum Fencing


You can place an aluminum fence just about anywhere. Need a fence around the perimeter of your backyard, but it’s sloped? No problem!

Our fences are designed to conform to the terrain of your backyard without hassle. They can run over an uneven perimeter with minimal effort — no terraforming required for most installations. Even when you’re working with uneven ground, we can ensure you’ll love the look of your aluminum fence. It’ll look professional, clean, and beautiful.

Aluminum Fences Stands Firm

The aluminum fences we install are made to last. Many other fences on the market deteriorate over time, but ours resist some of the harshest environments. You can enjoy your fence for many, many years.

Aluminum is one of the sturdiest fencing materials on the market today. The powder coatings boost its weather-resistant properties and will counter chipping, peeling, or cracking. That’s why aluminum fencing withstands sweltering summers and bitter winters, with torrential wet seasons in between.

That durability means you can get limited lifetime warranties from some of our manufacturers.

These are some of the most durable fences on the market today. Unlike materials like iron or steel, aluminum fences resist rust and corrosion.

Low Maintenance

Because aluminum fences resist the weather so well, there is very little maintenance required. For other types of fences, you need to paint or coat them every other year. However, aluminum fences come prefabricated with a durable, weather-resistant coating. The only additional required maintenance is an occasional washing.

Even washing your aluminum fence is simple. In most cases, all you will need to do is rinse off the rungs and wipe them down with a dry cloth. Because of the protective coating, dirt and grime have a difficult time sticking to aluminum fences.

Enhanced Security

While many people associate aluminum fences with form over function, it’s quite the contrary. Because aluminum fencing can be tailored to meet specific needs, it can create a more secure yard.

Unlike chain link fences, aluminum fences resist cutting, making them an excellent option for people who want to protect what they have.

In addition to being more resilient against intruders compared to chain link fencing, aluminum fencing is customizable. You can pick a style that offers more or less security based on your needs. For example, many aluminum fence styles offer varying height and rung density. If you want better protection, choose an aluminum fence that is taller with more rungs. It’ll help keep the things and people that you don’t want in your yard out, and it’ll help keep the things you love in!

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