Horse & Animal Fencing


With our experience with other dependable products such as dog fencing, deer fencing, and rabbit fencing, you know that you will be counting on a company with knowledge and the experience necessary to create a great product. Our horse and animal fencing is no exception.


It is essential to select the right enclosure to contain your horse and animals effectively and reduce the risk of a serious or fatal injury.  The best equestrian fence is constructed of mesh, which is made by weaving wire into specific spacing and using knots to secure the wire intersections. The design is extremely important, as the wires provide the basis for strength, stability and security. Mesh openings should be small enough to prevent a horse from getting its hoof caught and stop it from climbing on the fence or stepping down on the line wires, which could result in collapse or structure failure. Another important benefit of close spacing is deterring predators from entering a pasture or corral. Wire mesh fence is woven in a pattern of rectangular or triangular shapes that are too small to catch a hoof and are galvanized to stand up to the elements.  It will also keep pets and small animals in or out of a pasture, feature good linear strength, and is flexible and easy to maintain.

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